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News flash as follows:

Beats Real Loud release date 22nd

Hatty's Release Party that will be held in Manchester on the 24th of July

Hatty Keane to perform in front of millions in Russia alongside some of the biggest names in pop.

Etta Smith kicks off her London Tour with her band.

BGM sign The Glass Child .

BGM sign IP young rapper from Liverpool.

Cleo Russell is this month's seminar speaker.

Hatty Keane's EarthShakes national tour starts at Osfest.

Former Academy student Nick Celino signs deal with Warners.

BGM producer/writer Laurence Hobbs scores a number one record in China.

Si Hulbert producer behind Hatty Keane scores a number one album in the US with One Direction.

Laura Elvin signs publishing deal with BGM.

Former Academy artists Olivia Banks,Sarah Giles and Gabby Rego release videos and EP's.

Former Academy artist Danica Hunter signs to Maverick Sabre's management.

Pass employee Sam Kitchen is now the National Radio Promotions coordinator at EMI.

Tyler Conti's debut release "No More Room" out now.

Tyler Conti's No More Room with this link below.

BGM sign Truly Ford

news September 9, 2013
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